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147900838239.jpg-(81.07KB, 522×704, 1476029446625.jpg)
No. 5315 watch    
if there was a war of humans with aliens
or sentient machines
or whatever else non-human

i would betray my kind in a heartbeat
provided i find the other side superior

thats what i am
no apologies
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No. 5316    
147906285042.jpg-(330.60KB, 5000×5000, costanza.jpg)
> implying they won't just kill you as inferior
No. 5317    
147906682878.png-(608.36KB, 950×660, d53fd45a22177a64c8f5a4ef729632ef.png)
they might
and they might not
anyway they wont as long as they need my services
No. 5318    
if there was a war of humans and Russians
nobody would give a shit about your assumptions
No. 5319    
147909121236.jpg-(28.92KB, 600×600, 7ef.jpg)
There's a constant war between diseases and humanity. Just get Ebola already.
No. 5320    
147914487054.jpg-(714.73KB, 1181×1102, 30290618.jpg)
>russians are not humans
>non-sentient whatever (actually got me here formally speaking, but fuck you)
some low quality comments right there >_>
No. 5321    
Why in the world aliens would need some OP from 410chan?
No. 5322    
147922922264.png-(332.76KB, 1024×715, 0ba53327dcd4adc958552ebdb4aa38d7.png)
>some OP from 410chan
we are rare species!
endangered even
No. 5323    
Вот какого чёрта я, уехав на каникулы в Словакию, не могу постить в моём любимом /бе/?
No. 5324    
Чем вы докажете, что достойны этой высокой чести? А то видали мы ентих, иностранцев. Ходют тут, понимаш.
No. 5325    
Постой, а если повезёт уехать в Японию, то я тоже не смогу постить в сырнарии?
No. 5326    
Тут кажется вообще полный бан японских айпи был.
No. 5328    
147946075061.jpg-(165.93KB, 708×1080, 1477539948046.jpg)
Can you tell me more about it because I'm on a journey to visit all russian image boards in 30 days
>muh ville haapasalo pun
No. 5329    
147946261738.jpg-(112.39KB, 572×303, 1475886983091.jpg)
> i would betray my kind in a heartbeat
That's why humans must be exterminated.
No. 5330    
147947240186.jpg-(188.59KB, 1000×1414, 1448803960908.jpg)
what do you want to know?
410chan (the Bus) is generally a silent haven, a place where nothing really happens

is loyalty more important than life?
No. 5331    
14795814686.png-(45.46KB, 1024×780, keep-calm-and-die-for-the-emperor-5.png)
No. 5332    
147962932116.jpg-(44.76KB, 550×780, whtvr.jpg)
I'm with you, OP.
Let's fuck 'em humans real hard.
No. 5333    
147965795728.jpg-(174.91KB, 750×1205, __rider_of_black_fate_apocrypha_and_fate_series_dr.jpg)
Be gentle.
No. 5334    
147966182227.jpg-(29.34KB, 600×476, CczYzBKXEAAebrY.jpg)
Let us engage in a little bit of a quarrel with the rest of humanity, shall we?
No. 5350    
visit Overchan and Nowere.net
No. 5354    
No. 5356    
If they are in war with us they ain't superior.
No. 5357    
148182350986.jpg-(72.26KB, 646×900, 148047770312.jpg)
i am a planetless alien and i WANT your planet for MY people
>c-cant we just share the planet ?
>time passes by, it becomes clear that humans are completely useless for aliens
>no tech, no culture, no NOTHING
its time for GENOCIDE you stupid untrainable monkeys
orbital bombardment destroys main resistance on the earth
No. 5363    
>i am a planetless alien and i WANT
Fuck off, we're full.
No. 5364    
148317901414.jpg-(68.05KB, 800×600, 148166832547.jpg)
The empty handed painter from your streets
Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets
This sky, too, is folding under you
And it's all over now, Baby Blue.
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