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139832971059.jpg-(52.99KB, 599×427, 430651.jpg)
No. 4403 watch    
Can you fuck off from my Ukraine, you bloody Mongols?
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No. 4404    
>Ukrainian citizens kills other ukrainian citizens
>fuck off from my Ukraine
No. 4405    
And yes
>Chechnya, Dagestan, Ossetia, Abkhazia
>Not Caucase
WTF am i watching?
No. 4406    
139833163860.jpg-(105.14KB, 964×680, 1397465610-4e65dcb2cd578f044c06fad6675c9392.jpg)
>Ukrainian citizens
Yeah nah.
No. 4407    
You have something like 30+ dead bodies. How much of them from Russia?
No. 4408    
139833214269.jpg-(81.51KB, 625×307, ecd7855-1398023793_jpg_pagespeed_ce_wJ9Cuv1jVS.jpg)
>You have
No. 4409    
139833275428.jpg-(59.34KB, 599×413, Fq1Z0iZ.jpg)
>Mariupol three killed, 13 injured
And indeed. Looks like your government have no idea who dies in Slaviansk. Funny.
You will be post this 9 guys everywhere? There is a lot other armed guys, you know...
No. 4410    
139833288269.jpg-(441.20KB, 1247×838, 4911125.jpg)
Here few examples, if you're interested.
I don't think it's a subject for discussion.
No. 4411    
139833350896.jpg-(144.45KB, 1024×678, MiJNF5h.jpg)
As i said
>this 9 guys
They are group in same camo. On this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEZ5SjkroNQ
And they are not even all Russian citizens...
They are ukrainian citizens, right?
Wow, you found 4 citizens of from Russia. Good.
Now back to Mariupol. How much of them was Russian citizens?
No. 4412    
139833392830.jpg-(102.36KB, 960×605, ukrainian_special_forces_slavyansk.jpg)
>And they are not even all Russian citizens...
And? There are Russians in Slavyansk, it's obvious. They're acting like leading trained troops. The rest armed men are locals (mostly criminals, although today journalist saw a 14-15yo kid with AK).
Btw, ATO is in action right now. Let's hope all terrorists will be killed :3
No. 4413    
139833454890.jpg-(59.85KB, 768×511, gFrJGi9.jpg)
>There are Russians in Slavyansk,
And how much? Ukrainians was in Chechnya, so what?
>They're acting like leading trained troops.
And? Сonscript army, you know.
>The rest armed men are locals
Like 95%, yes.
>14-15yo kid with AK
100% criminal.
>Btw, ATO is in action right now.
Is it like third time for 7 days?
>Let's hope all terrorists will be killed :3
idc let's see how much spetsnaz GRU agents they will find.
No. 4414    
13983355423.jpg-(62.73KB, 625×286, fbe5ca4-625----------_jpg_pagespeed_ce_TDJ0dSlKf6.jpg)
>And how much?
100-500, by estimate. Nobody knows exact numbers.
>Like 95%, yes.
Does it matter? You asked me about Russians citizens, and I've answered. Even 1 moskal is enough.
No. 4415    
>100-500, by estimate
100% legit information from clairvoyants
>Even 1 moskal is enough
I lol'd.
You have few millions of them in Ukraine, you know...
>Does it matter?
As i said "Ukrainian citizens kills other ukrainian citizens".
No. 4416    
139833594874.png-(0.96MB, 755×516, 4b38727e89817fea59b6497bfaa8b435.png)
And yes, again this 9 guys. It's boring.
No. 4417    
139833637054.jpg-(48.27KB, 599×385, Bl-s-mlCYAEPs0J.jpg)
You're delusional. Also today's photo, beard mean is still alive :3
No. 4418    
139833666928.jpg-(45.16KB, 600×450, ij9ij96yximg6xhbnu916p8co.jpg)
>You're delusional
Is affirmation "Ukrainian citizens kills other ukrainian citizens" not right?
>Also today's photo, beard mean is still alive
Who cares?
No. 4419    
139833742638.jpg-(124.09KB, 625×366, 4734917-912-bl_jpg_pagespeed_ce_SP1qgUHB0X.jpg)
>Is affirmation "Ukrainian citizens kills other ukrainian citizens" not right?
People kill people... "Pro-Russian terrorists leading by Russian command and supported by elite Russian forces kill Ukrainian citizens" - this is my version.
>Who cares?
Me. He's kawai :3
No. 4420    
139833804124.jpg-(72.36KB, 960×587, dGiGyks.jpg)
Indeed. We need more bloody terrorists here.
btw why there is no Ukrainian journalists?
No. 4421    
And glorious peacekeepers of course.
No. 4422    
Terrorists call them "provokers" and capture them as hostages, so they prefere to stay away from that shithole. Also listen this. Here are peaceful protesters
No. 4423    
Oh yes, this the same guys that "report to Moscow" with mobile phones, lol.
Looks like some of your "rebels" killed some civilian, indeed.
btw is your police found owner of all this shit?
They are killed few guys too. Or nobody don't give a fuck?
>Terrorists call them "provokers" and capture them as hostages, so they prefere to stay away from that shithole.
Lol, bbc have few english speaker journalists here. And the whole Ukraine cannot have no one? I lol'd.
No. 4424    
139835569370.jpg-(36.84KB, 616×720, vizitkayarosha23.jpg)
>btw is your police found owner of all this shit?
Sure, it was Dmytro Yarosh, they found his business card :3
No. 4425    
I'm asked about your police...
No. 4426    
You asked about "owner of this shit", as far as I understand your broken rungrish.
No. 4427    
139839624173.jpg-(37.22KB, 499×300, A11381602-2.jpg)
Don't worry, I will protect you :3
No. 4429    
139841349938.jpg-(21.19KB, 350×230, 1227875389926.jpg)
How about no?
No. 4436    
139858608642.jpg-(33.47KB, 599×342, rSIgvh6GAZA.jpg)
Fresh photo with beard man.
No. 4437    
139860037142.jpg-(362.07KB, 800×913, 139858608642.jpg)
That's better.
No. 4438    
139860078083.jpg-(96.64KB, 277×307, 139858608642.jpg)
Or that's.
No. 4439    
139860147612.jpg-(177.99KB, 599×342, 139858608642.jpg)
Unlimited Beard Works.

Enough beards to me for today.
No. 4440    
139861576153.jpg-(14.40KB, 225×225, 1383931950001.jpg)
Pretty good.
No. 4441    
139867591966.jpg-(127.28KB, 1023×614, BmS_eCjIUAAlbyN.jpg)
Spetsura seized Konstantinovka.
RPG-30, new AKs, identical uniform.
No. 4442    
13986761396.jpg-(70.91KB, 608×403, IUYLJjws5CE.jpg)
No. 4443    
139867645752.jpg-(38.26KB, 399×182, 1618a0b74de220adfe5a7d1a5d593c51b64a5d33_big.jpg)
Как же вы задрали то уже...
No. 4445    
139867697640.jpg-(59.27KB, 1024×346, 4886158.jpg)
Sorry, RPG-26

>На вооружении
No. 4446    
13986786771.jpg-(881.03KB, 2976×1984, 2011__День_защиты_детей_в_Доне.jpg)
Это офигительныеные рассказы из википедии. Посмотри на год поступления на вооружение и прикинь сколько этих гранатомётов на Украине.
Вот тебе фото из Донецка
>29 May 2011
На ютубе есть видео, где они грузят эти гранатомёты в грузовик, с какого-то склада. Искать лень. Если тебе сильно надо - заморочусь. Но хватит эту лажу везде тыкать, как пруф хоть чего-то.
No. 4448    
139868000149.png-(239.59KB, 469×506, u_mad.png)
What about new AKs? And what about their behaviour? They act like well trained and experienced special forces.
And what about Strelkov?
>СБУ установила реальную личность так называемого представителя самообороны Донбасса Игоря Стрелкова
>Это (Стрелков, - ред.) полковник Игорь Всеволодович Гиркин. Это гражданин Российской Федерации, прописанный в Москве
>Ігор Всеволодович Гіркин. Він громадянин РФ, полковник. Народився 17 грудня 1970 року. Номер паспорта громадянина РФ: №4506460961, зареєстрований у Москві за адресою Шенкурський проїзд 8Б, кв. 136.
February 26 he moved to Simferopol, and February 27 Crimean parliament was seized by well trained guys, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkLz7wTB38c
I'm just wondering what excuses would you make up this time.
No. 4449    
139868089994.jpg-(7.33KB, 200×134, 1398673657002.jpg)
No. 4450    
13986828128.jpg-(113.72KB, 852×682, beard_man_with_passport.jpg)
No. 4451    
139868317120.jpg-(151.27KB, 930×650, 1315774212_n2009249073431455.jpg)
>СБУ установила реальную личность так называемого представителя самообороны Донбасса Игоря Стрелкова
>Это (Стрелков, - ред.) полковник Игорь Всеволодович Гиркин. Это гражданин Российской Федерации, прописанный в Москве
Ну они просто Шерлоки Холмсы, не иначе!
Конечно он спецназовец ГРУ и агент ФСБ. Послан Путиным лично.

>What about new AKs?
Это не "new AKs", это АК с пластиковыми цевьём и прикладом. Начали выпускать С 1986 года.
No. 4452    
139868362238.jpg-(214.14KB, 1680×1050, 1257167730006.jpg)
Yeah yeah. And what about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoO13Osf7lw ?
I think you will admit russian presence in this story only after Putin himself says that self-defence was backed up by russian army, like it was with Crimea.
You mongols are really dumb white trash.
No. 4453    
>You mongols are really dumb white trash.
No. 4456    


>За короткое время через дырку в заборе вынесли: 190 стволов стрелкового оружия, 44 гранатомета РПГ-26

>08 апреля 2002

ну ты понел.
No. 4458    
139875764491.jpg-(35.53KB, 493×497, 1386762023001.jpg)
No. 4459    
Only in /int/!
"Hohlosrach" available for English speaking people, now!
No. 4460    
It has been like that for a while on krautchan.
No. 4464    
>Журналист Павел Фельгенгауэр
No. 4465    
>По образованию биолог, выпускник биологического факультета МГУ (1975), кандидат наук (1987). В качестве научного сотрудника Института биологии развития АН СССР занимался молекулярной биологией.После распада СССР ушёл в журналистику.
No. 4466    
139905435430.jpg-(13.33KB, 280×313, 1314281294537.jpg)
It's really hard to make discussion with mongols.
No. 4467    
13990677911.jpg-(167.33KB, 720×800, ea2b344c07e981912fe900a0fbaf2c11.jpg)
>It's really hard to make discussion with mongrels.
No. 4468    
139910443217.jpg-(47.40KB, 443×604, iKmlfvf8YSU.jpg)
We're all your children, Sweden :3
No. 4469    
What is wrong with tvrain?
No. 4470    
Often it's like first channel, but with 180° direction.
No. 4471    
139912558728.jpg-(260.23KB, 1920×1080, 1348178966860.jpg)
1st channel is 100% bullshit. So rain is 0% bullshit?
No. 4472    
No. 4474    
139921793492.jpg-(37.63KB, 596×294, V8StmcufSFE.jpg)
No. 4476    
139945245310.png-(91.99KB, 1120×977, 1375702493941.png)
This is how they're planning to make a referendum.
No. 4484    
140026934490.jpg-(9.38KB, 273×185, images.jpg)
Из достоверных источников стало известно, что Бабая тяжело ранили буквально несколько часов назад.
No. 4500    
We love you, Ukraine! It's Putin who's to blame
No. 4502    
Also, GET
No. 4503    
>OP - retard
No. 4504    
Гет без картинки — пролюбленный гет.
No. 4505    
Гет на доске 10p/day — для дураков.
No. 4506    
140062937767.jpg-(34.85KB, 345×407, 1248033963053.jpg)
No. 4507    
140096906580.jpg-(30.99KB, 478×240, 1357718078_ukraina.jpg)

Хай живе Вукраiна!
No. 4510    
wypierdalać z Ukrainy ruskie KURWY !!!
No. 4511    
>>4510 How about NO!1
No. 4514    
Ну а США вам просто так помогает, конечно. Я ни разу не нашист, просто в этом мире никто ничего просто так не делает. Кроме глупцов, конечно же.
No. 4515    

Рашкопитух закукорекол!

No. 4520    
140414778012.jpg-(116.09KB, 535×535, pic_random76.jpg)
Как вы достали со своей политотой, сил нет. Каждый свою страну к победе бы привел, посади его только на престол. Каждый лучше всех ситуацию в мире знает. Каждый знает, кого нужно расстреливать, а кого щадить для строительства светлого будущего. А теперь они еще и на моем /int/.
Пик рандом.
No. 4521    

К победе над кем, извиняюсь?
No. 4522    
Ох лол, да над кем угодно. Было бы чем меряться управлять.
Украинцы нагнут Россиюшку в два счетаи евроинтегрируются на правах Германии. Русские обязательно нагнут Украину, вернут Аляску, нагнут Америку, Евросоюз и вообще весь цивилизованный мир за год, причем даже не выходя из-за компьютера. Куда ни плюнь - везде интернет-герои, интернет-теоретики и интернет же политологи. Про диванный десант вообще промолчу.
P.S. То, что у Автобуса нет политоборды еще не значит, что политику нужно притаскивать на /int/. Идите на Ычан, там всегда таким рады засунуть банхаммер по самые помидоры
P.P.S. Ты меня прости, бро. Просто накипело, сил никаких нет. Майдан этот, психи с обеих сторон, мамочки, более кровожадные, чем сами бойцы. Достало.
No. 4524    
140508046295.jpg-(44.17KB, 552×480, aa329d680344.jpg)
No. 4530    
Goddamnit, hohols, fix your shit or leave them be.
We have still have Syria and Gaza to worry about.
No. 4531    
14058487826.jpg-(111.50KB, 1024×690, dumbass3.jpg)
It's not our shit. You can help us to fix it. But you're greedy frau Ribentrop!
No. 4532    
Oh don't worry, we will express our deep concern.
If you think we go guns blaring to trigger a ARMED conflict between superpowers...oh you, hohol, you really think you are that important, aren't you? As long it's far away, it doesn't bother us in slightest.
Maybe Russia invade you and we can say how ebil Russia is, or, maybe someday we just can't deny what Right Sector did in Slavyansk, no matter how journalists you kill, then we just go 180 and start talking how ebil Ukrainians are.

Slavs lose. And only this matters.
No. 4533    
At least you could give us some weapons...
No. 4534    
Go get them from cold Russian hands if you can.

We're really amused how Slavs kill each other, we don't even have to do anything! Please proceed.
Stupid slavs.
No. 4535    
But russians ain't slavs. They're fingols-mordva-ugric-cherchess-whatever.
No. 4536    
You speak as if you were something better, Untermensch.
Now tear down that slavic statue with sword so we can put a McDonald's on its ruins.
Obey, peon.
No. 4537    
>so we can put a McDonald's

t. butt buddy of America
No. 4538    
Better lube up yourself.
Remember what happened right after 1991 with Russia.
No. 4539    
As if the same didn't happen with us.
No. 4540    
Again, guys? FUCK YOU.
Normal Russians have already forgotten about you. The rest can be issued weapons, vodka and send to fight with anyone: with America, Germany, Ukraine, Russia itself - nobody cares.
It's time to clean the gene pool
No. 4541    
You made a business shark your president.
Right now, this seem to be a good idea, but all you achieve is debts, (overinvestment) inflation, unemployment (low personal cost), and then Ukraine turn a European nuclear waste deposit and industrial attachment with Murricans 'guarding' the Zone and missile sites.
Yeah, a bridgehead of democracy, fuck yeah.
Sucks to be you, Ukraine.
All your Nezalezhnost is worth a doormat at White House.
No. 4542    
First of all, he isn't a shark, compared to other candidates. Second, we're at war now, who gives a fuck about depts and unemployment? Don't you understand that we're fighting for existing of this state? Today is important to deliver as much bullets/APCs/tanks/drones as we can.
Improvements would be on the way after we finish combat actions. It wouldn't matter if we lost.
No. 4543    
If you were fighting for existance of Ukraine, you would be already in Rostov. Why are you not advancing? Why aren't you crushing Russian Army yet? Are these pesky poor-equipped rebels, women and children that hard to deal with?
No. 4544    
>Why are you not advancing?
We actually are.
>Why aren't you crushing Russian Army yet? Are these pesky poor-equipped rebels, women and children that hard to deal with?
It seems like you have no idea what's going on.
No. 4545    
So i have no idea... Well, do you, my Ukrainian friend? Do you know exactly what's going on? The news are very contradictory nowadays. Everyone just throws with shit on each other and bravely denies accusations.
No. 4549    
14064822888.jpg-(62.98KB, 447×400, smugface.jpg)
>tfw Yatzenjuk resigned as prime minister
>tfw Rada gets disbanded
>tfw power vacuum
>tfw military tries violently to seize power
>tfw nationalist guard massacre protesting Ukrainians on Maidan.
>tfw Poroshenko packs up his money and leave Hohlostan in haste
>tfw oh the irony.
No. 4550    
That feel when Germany spams your board with greentext shitposts and you cannot spam it back because you will have an instant ban for >tfw on KC.
No. 4551    
Ban on KC for tfw? Pardon me, Russia.

Also, german mass media is retarded:
Radio SAW, 16:00, 29.07.14:
"Brussels now decides about sanctions against Russia because of supposed support for Donetsk separatists. They have been already proven effective , as the markets in Russia were negatively affected by them.
Though, German markets are affected by this too."

"We don't really know whether Russia is guilty, we just assume it and strike with sanctions. Yay, we HIT THEM HARD. We even forgot about enforcing peace in Donetsk by sanctions, WHEN WE DAMAGED THEM RUSSIAN MARKETS!
We also hit ourselves in the face with this, but meh."
No. 4553    
Your economy highly dependent from the US. So nothing new here.
No. 4554    
If Obama would in public bitchslap Merkel and going "do what i say", there would be public turmoil, protests and then it would be forgotten and everything will proceed as usual.
I'm bitter to admit, but German government are american lackeys.
I mean, look at espionage scandal. Merkels mobile was sniffed by the NSA, USA DID bitchslap her. Now it's all fine, we're all friends and friends don't spy on friends.
Fortunately, the ordinary Germans differ with this opinion, disregard the media.
No. 4555    
>I'm bitter to admit, but German government are american lackeys.
Who doesn't? France and Italy - the same sort of servants. Poland + Baltic states - it's 100% lapdogs. England - little bitch of USA.
Other European countries it's political 0. Nobody don't even care what they are talking.
Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, etc.
And all this countries "okay" with it. No matter what. Because such "alliance" with US pretty profitable.
Such life in modern world.
No. 4556    
Anyway, Russia.
Stand your ground. Pax Americana nears its end. But the Dragon is on the rise.

No. 4577    
140830350386.jpg-(335.38KB, 600×2330, putting the putin in everything.jpg)
Drinking, smoking and feel bad - there's Putin's fault in that.

Life seems to be too lame? It's the government to blame.

You're living like a drone? Must be doing of the Throne.
No. 4578    
140830450394.png-(724.92KB, 1074×607, Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 20_39_26.png)
No. 4591    
Hey, Russia, did you invade the Ukraine yet?
I somewhat have a feeling that i have to go to the military again, next year, against you. Would hate to shoot a fellow Anon from Russia.
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