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?.png - (144.78KB, 476×354)
No. 8076  
I need your help!!

how do i make a gobal switch variable for the game engine to act as the master game test switch?

to switch from the different video modes i have created

code: http://4ch.maidlab.jp/16bee.zip

No. 8077  
Again, you should specify what game engine do you use.
No. 8078  
>_<.gif - (449.02KB, 207×360)
The engine is built by a friend of mine who did not document it very well
No. 8079  
Then, I guess, your friend must know it. Did you ask your friend?
No. 8080  
I cannot contact him
and he is very very very very busy all the time
No. 8081  
No. 8082  
>>8081 Lol 410chan pretty slow, you don't hurry to hell
No. 8083  
i live in hell
No. 8084  
I don't think someone can answer your question. You should've at least give a link to download the engine. But if it's fully in japanese, no one can read it anyways... And there's no guerantee that someone would bother to study the whole engine system just for answering your question. Also, are you sure the switch is possible at all?
No. 8085  
Doubt3_0168.jpg - (82.45KB, 849×254)
eng_core.c line 108.

bool Core::init(){
bool xz = 0; // error switch...
std::cout << "VIDEO INITIATION" << std::endl;
setvideo(0x13, 1);

this looks like place, where video mode being switched.

i think you should add some global variable to the eng_core.h file at the "protected" section, and add function like "setModeFlag(<your mode>)" to public.

You should also reinit your engine with new video mode (it must be called every time when you call setModeFlag()).

this is how it looks like at a first sight.
No. 8087  
!1338067525166.jpg - (141.56KB, 635×750)

ohh not that area of the engine

the code at src/eng_comm.cpp

the qing variable needs to be a global engine variable
No. 8088  
denpa!1348267467925.jpg - (83.36KB, 482×500)
because that file is supposed to change the qing variable! not run the functions that use the qing variable. also
the engine needs a global X,Y for the game level system and player position
No. 8089  

you need to define all engine specific variable here, i suppose.

at eng_common you just specify function within "engine" namespace (this means that you can acess functions and classes defined inside).
You must rewrite your function, if you want it to acess data inside "engine" object. Or just define "global" static variable, but this is not that you want i bet.
No. 8090  
yuukaww1345797126923.png - (29.15KB, 800×473)


look in src/lib/ to see the dos library

as you can see it's in C style and out side the engine name space

this must be why the engine is so slow!!

ok where do i start?
No. 8091  
>void Core::input(){

this is a place where user input are served.
you must modify this function.

and also you should add quing variable to protected section of eng_core.h, this make it "engine global".
No. 8092  
?.jpg - (43.05KB, 577×622)
i add

#include <list>
#include "src\engine.h"

to src/lib/lib_com.h
No. 8093  
the qing variable is a non static variable
No. 8094  
don't think this would work.
you must work inside your engine object (if i got the idea this object is created when program starts, and after it just run in loop, calling functions
if you try to use dos interruptions outside main program loop, this must look like program is 'lagging', but this is not correct, cause engine just run in loops at 100% of cpu.
No. 8095  
sory m8t, mom just call me to help her. must go now.
No. 8096  
ok i am changing it into a CHAR
No. 8097  
No. 8119  
You should set up a GIT repo or something.
No. 8121  
??1330674359610.jpg - (141.90KB, 1280×720)

i should.... wwww

git on my home server or sourgeforge?
No. 8122  
You may use sourceforge, github, bitbucket, etc.
No. 8123  
ok sourge forge when i return to my compy4
No. 8125  
irisu.png - (310.53KB, 736×807)
i am having issues with uploading code to sourgeforge

i can host the git respiratory
No. 8127  
irisu^^1344225638919.png - (239.09KB, 608×800)
[sparky4@compy4]$ git push origin master
error: src refspec master does not match any.
error: failed to push some refs to 'ssh://sparky4q@git.code.sf.net/p/project16/code'
No. 8128  
^^koishi1342115894285.png - (115.31KB, 495×504)


No. 8214  
1250036557055.jpg - (30.34KB, 450×287)
No. 8267  
>you play as a cute synthetic robotic loli whit a massive white tshirt on who just "woke up"

Best thing ever!
No. 8271  
koishi1341304666738.jpg - (1.30MB, 1748×2480)

even cuter than koishi's adventure
No. 10919  
dark!!1389081869562.jpg - (300.82KB, 743×743)
the game took a dark turn now
No. 13003  
yangire &lt;31378197461060.jpg - (18.89KB, 500×313)
this thread is old as fuck
No. 21311  
разговор окончен
No. 21312  
Добра тебе, некродебиляша :3
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