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uncle-sam1.jpg - (40.33KB, 500×400)
No. 4751    
я посмотрел видео FPS Russia, хоть он и не русский, но я заинтересовался Россией, выyчил google-translator. Русский Аноним, каково тебе?
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No. 4752    
Мне хорошо~. А вам?
No. 4754    
No. 4755    
Never use Google Translate please.
No. 4756    
A emu norm.
No. 4931    
FPS Russia is a fucking poser.

Ну и да, 4755-кун сказал.
No. 4953    
i have never cringed more at anything than fps russia
why pretend to be russian
you just sound like a poser idiot wearing a fedora
just make videos about guns you don't have to sound like a idiot
No. 5345    

Стоп, а разве FPS Russia не из CIS родом?
No. 5358    
russian-anime3.jpg - (77.37KB, 700×525)
You should probably try the "Life of Boris" show, partially to learn some proper russian behavior.
No. 5359    
Sadly, he focused on one particular meme from Stalker and whole his auditory built around it. He could cover a lot of actual slav stuff and soviet culture, like music, literature, movies, cartoons, anything that is not known outside of post-soviet block. Instead, he mostly stuck with just gaming and cooking, because that is what his subscribers expect from him.
He does very good videos nonetheless.
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