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No. 9  
Можно обсуждать Алису и гадать на кофейной гуще.
No. 10  
No. 25  
Когда хоть выходит то?
No. 31  
"В 2009 году, но скорее всего после 2009 года".
Такие вот чудеса.
Надо бы еще перевод статьи про Алису закинуть.
No. 32  
A magus in hiding in the present. A witch. Lady of eternity. Solitary, restrained, and stubbornly protective of her pride; a girl left behind by time.

Not rich in emotion and sees the way of living of a magus as absolute. Everyday life is only being continued because witches "hide their identities to practice sorcery".

Friend of Aoko. To Aoko, her teacher and partner. ...But to Alice, Aoko is the same thing.

As she was bound to be a witch before she was born, she's already a perfected magus by the age of 16.

While Aoko attends an average high school, Alice goes to a wealthy all-girls school. (The 3rd room mate also attends the same school as Aoko, but regarding that matter, Alice herself has some confusing feelings about him (read: love)).

Fundamentally doesn't like others. Initially developed a relationship with Aoko due to duty rather than personal initiative, but before they knew it, Aoko became Alice's one friend.

As a magus dwelling in town, repels any external threats together with Aoko, but normally locks herself up in the Kuonji vacation home, a memento of her father (and also the mansion where Aoko and that other guy are staying at) and rarely goes outside.

A wonderland type of witch specializing in the type of witchcraft and medicines found in fairy tales.

Kuonji was originally not a magus lineage. The one who had the blood of magi running in her was Alice's mother. The elder son of the Kuonji tycoons had met and fallen in love with a witch while studying abroad. He loved her and she accepted that love with some confusion, but as the same time, she was also afraid. No matter how blessed their wedding may be, the daughter to be born will be a witch. Just as she herself was one, the child of a witch will bear the destiny of inheriting the blood and history of their line, without any exceptions.

A witch must not fall in love with the male that becomes the father. The more they love each other, the sadder the conclusion. Knowing and accepting this, the Kuonji boy married her and returned to Japan to build a happy family.

However, after Alice was born, her mother died, as if she fulfilled her duty.

Her father, while suffering from the criticism of those around him, deeply loved his daughter and several years later, passed away. All alone, Alice only kept the mansion her parents lived in and chose to live the same path as her mother did.

Also, had formed relationships with the Aozakis when her mother became a naturalized citizen of Japan. Alice and Touko had been associated with each other for no less than 10 years while Alice had only been living together with Aoko for just one year. To Alice, Aoko is her friend. Touko, on the other hand, is somebody that can understand her. Friendly with both, but doesn't seem to be willing to stop them from killing each other.

The story of a princess that locked herself in a castle. A tale of 3 people living together. Enlightened both in human matters and in capability, and hence the strongest of the characters appearing, but this also makes her the frailest of them.

At a glance, might appear to be a "modern magus" just like Aoko, but she's actually the opposite. Fixated on the one memento of her family. Actually, surprisingly psychologically unstable and self-abusive (Yandere - the new phenomenon in the Tsundere type - girl might appear to have the loving of a Tsundere, but she also happens to have a darker aspect to her that goes beyond just being cold; Kaede, Kotonoha, Yoppi for example....).

Aoko does age but Alice can't. Had completely ignored the third person that tumbled into her mansion and tried to get him to leave as soon as possible but....

Appeared in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru.
No. 1443  
кто знает где надыбать текст хотя бы японской версии ранобэ (Mahou Tsukai No Yoru)? Гугл молчит.
No. 1444  
Вики и гуглтранслейт говорят, что это Ночь Волшебников - это "неопубликованные грибы Nasu." Вроде как вышли в 96, а вроде как и нет.
No. 1445  
Все правильно. Если и вышли, то очень маленьким тиражом, так что сейчас уже этого не найти. В интернете Mahoutsukai no Yoru нет, во всяком случае, в англоязычном секторе. Вероятно, в японском тоже, иначе рано или поздно оно бы всплыло, как в свое время всплывали другие относительно редкие вещи.
No. 1446  
Кстати, "on the Holy Night" — это Рождество что ли?
No. 1447  
Сам пока не читал, но посоны грят хуита.
No. 1457  
>(Общий фантастики) [Hentai] Ночь ведьм (TYPE-MOON) (Aozora Бунко TXT формате)
No. 1486  
По логике вещей, да, вот только логика здесь не очень применима, по очевидным причинам.
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