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128967005519.gif-(79.64KB, 250×250, 128681790424.gif)
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Sup, local /int/. How's it going in Ukraine?
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No. 2173    

> Huh? We don't really have folk instruments (not counting Alpine Horn, which sounds like any other horn).

Hmmm, I always thought that all of Old World countries have a bunch of their own folk instuments.

> I don't have very much to share, but I can provide local /int/ with cheese from my fridge^^

Speaking of cheese, the one I've began to eat often recently called a Swiss chease.

> If you want some photoes from Alps, just ask, I have some.

Oh, I'm not a big fan of mountains, and personally I've been in our Carpathian mountains only one time with my friends, what I really like to see is a photos of Swiss cities and of your local people in case you have it and want to post.
No. 5153    
No one really cares, lol.
No. 5157    
It's OK.
No. 5170    
I'd like some for sure. Neat little site here
No. 5171    
Ukraine, what do you think about emigrating to Germany? And what do you think a non-golddigger Ukrainian girl would think about it?
What is it, patriotism or decent life for you?
No. 5327    
147946054096.gif-(345.57KB, 250×200, 1459331622917.gif)
No. 5338    
147999647050.jpg-(362.01KB, 1280×720, me21.jpg)
I'm random anon who passes through this thread every year and this my favourite thread on 410chan.

It's so notable, always reminds me that I was here long time ago and not only once and its still here.
147990247465.jpg-(45.95KB, 557×600, 557px-FSP_DNA.jpg)
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Здорово, умночане, как ваши дела, уважаемые?
No. 5336    
147990520198.jpg-(56.98KB, 720×540, shot0001.jpg)
on all layers but physical
i am a ghost
or a rose petal blowing free, if that makes sense
146297058178.png-(86.19KB, 957×638, dfgb.png)
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Post here your favorite dead country
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No. 5193    
But I posted (actual) flag of the Russian Empire there. I do not care about those februarist traitors.
No. 5195    
nevermind i thought the empire had a different flag
like, with a mutant eagle and stuff
No. 5222    
146686801117.png-(11.20KB, 1365×1024, 1365px-Siberian_flag_svg.png)
Good night, sweet Prince.
No. 5277    
Ehm, what is it7
No. 5282    
147453010051.jpg-(27.47KB, 1920×960, maxresdefault.jpg)
No. 5285    
No. 5312    
147882288210.jpg-(927.75KB, 4864×2736, IMG_20161111_030144_198.jpg)
Novorossiysk Republic
1905-1905 nevur forget
141064515453.png-(14.64KB, 384×384, 1278732772224.png)
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Я точно помню, здесь были по крайней мере два желающих организоваться в сходочку в Англии. Реквестирую этих людей в.
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No. 5231    
На следующей неделе я буду в Корке. Где вы встречаетесь? У меня есть фургон, я могу всех собрать.
No. 5232    
Как на счёт Дублина? Послезавтра у прилетаю туда по работе и буду жить около трёх месяцев. Заодно и город узнаю.
No. 5272    
14720506813.jpg-(39.11KB, 500×459, 92933_p0.jpg)
Мы нигде не собираемся, как видно из треда. Летом я вообще в Англии особо не бываю. Впрочем, тебе это уже поздно слышать, наверное.

Ну, вы с >>5147 почти нашли друг друга.

дорого, долго, так ещё потом толком рассказа не дождёшься.
No. 5273    
147205080939.jpg-(161.81KB, 1575×1050, 15778850_p0.jpg)
То есть, я-то может быть в term time ещё и встретился, но "нас" тут нет, как и оговоренного места встречи.
No. 5276    
>дорого, долго, так ещё потом толком рассказа не дождёшься.
Ну всё равно, заезжай ещё, если получится.
No. 5283    
Зачем? Никто же не придет....И будете там сидеть. как фуфелы
No. 5284    
147466123799.jpg-(72.00KB, 303×306, image.jpg)
>множественное число
14687041895.jpg-(132.36KB, 1000×1223, taste my blade.jpg)
No. 5236 hide watch Quick Reply       [Reply]
come and face me
No. 5241    

t.akes glaive kalled "naginata"
No. 5270    
 takes gun 
 shoots himself in head 
 no fail roll 
No. 5271    
NP, m8. Just buy me a plane ticket.
No. 5281    
147451130990.jpg-(58.96KB, 540×720, 1388339958594.jpg)
*Teleports behind you

"You're too slow!"
146858668780.jpg-(231.67KB, 817×514, 1468511360572-pol.jpg)
No. 5233 hide watch Quick Reply       [Reply]
To Russia whithout Russian skills.
I got a ticket to Moscow on August 15. How to don't look like "hey what a stupid foreign dude here, we don't glad to see him in our country"? I can into russian a little bit but my accent awful as hell. And the last one question is: what russians think about blue eyed white hair Scandinavians and especially about Icelandic? I've been told that you did bet on us while euro 16.
No. 5234    
Not possible
No. 5235    
Literally nobody cares about foreigners in touristic places.
There are hordes of Chinese tourisyts everywhere who cannot speak English not only Russian.
No. 5238    
Don't pay any attention for this question
No. 5267    
>what russians think about blue eyed white hair Scandinavians

Lolwut? Many ruskeys are ofbsuch appearence.
But it doesn't matter. Nothing matters at all in Russia.
You are welcome.
145932712381.jpg-(42.62KB, 370×320, DR_KINNIKU.jpg)
No. 5176 hide watch Quick Reply       [Reply]
12language translation image board

let's play together!

No. 5177    
>Auto-Translating Imageboard
>Перевод анонимный доска объявлений

lost it here xD

what is it?
some boards with an automatic machine translation?
No. 5181    
Yes,Please come visit!
No. 5188    
sorry i cant

im stuck on the board that is round and proud
No. 5209    
146532206473.png-(522.29KB, 322×322, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Tem.png)
I would better chose "English"
No. 5210    
Использование прокси здесь, кстати, не возбраняется. И слава богу.
No. 5250    
146963809676.jpg-(8.04KB, 196×200, scott-2.jpg)
А я там теперь одмин, например.
146532253080.jpg-(98.56KB, 800×540, Militsiya.jpg)
No. 5211 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Давно эту борду никто не посещал. Что же делать?
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No. 5213    
146612906523.png-(554.95KB, 1016×683, 12345703.png)
Закрыть к чертям.
No. 5214    
No. 5223    
14668713124.png-(58.32KB, 1065×845, 1464318992183.png)
Меня и так регулярно банят, не знаю, за что, за айпи-рейндж, наверное. Разбанят, попостю, снова забанят. Епчално.
No. 5224    
146687158136.png-(315.00KB, 778×954, 1465998206362.png)
Вот хотел здесь запостить, да нет мне аксесу...
No. 5225    
146687167931.png-(78.61KB, 1520×916, 1464434813039.png)
чем я вас трансгрессировал?
No. 5226    
Ща пропиарю на крошане...
No. 5240    

Устроить тут хостинг для вопросов крошановцев, которы будут висеть тут не 1 день, а 1 год.

Я как-нибудь годных тредов с краутканала накидаю...
146094582083.jpg-(53.49KB, 860×483, im_a_scientologist_en_US.jpg)
No. 5182 hide watch Quick Reply       [Reply]
What have I done to kill the russian in myself?
1. Broke with my russian girlfriend.
2. Dropped out of university, because they require using russian.
3. Began using english where possible, even forcing my mother to learn english.
4. When forced to speak russian, I do it in the most negative manner possible.
No. 5184    
146110044848.jpg-(32.36KB, 600×456, CS1joGbWcAAILo9.jpg)
Nice autism.

>Began using english where possible, even forcing my mother to learn english.
Now, this is unacceptable. Mother Russia will punish you severely.
No. 5186    
how did you learn english?
No. 5228    

Da fuq, move out from Russia, earn hellers as some kind of worker in a country which has some prosperity.
142104166871.png-(421.82KB, 500×502, suicideyear.png)
No. 4913 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
teach me how to swear in russian, pls.
4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 4919    
Just watch south park in russian voiceover.
No. 4921    
thanks for the help, i'll try research more about those other hundreds of variations u told.

that's actually not a bad idea.
No. 5207    
My favourite Russian swearword is "мудозвон". This is noun formed of "мудо"(archaic Russian – ball, i.e. testicle) and "звенеть"(Rus. – to jingle).
No. 5208    
So you can translate it like "balljingler".
No. 5215    
No. 5216    
146619510932.jpg-(126.95KB, 720×1280, eJLEV1Tk1aQ.jpg)
No. 5227    


Shalawa = skank
Padla == asshole
Mudak == asshole
Mudak == someone, who wastes precious stuff
Pidor = fag(got)
Pidar = fag
Govno = feces
Gavno -- something shitty
Blyat -- (multitool word, like "fuck")
Blyad -- slut


Kurva =/= kurwa
Kurva === "useless lady"
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