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144181722339.gif-(2.69KB, 218×88, shofar.gif)
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Hi guys,

I am new to this site. I am going to St. Petersburg in 4 weeks and looking for a girl to spend 48 hours with for all the usual recreation plus hang out with her and go drinking etc. Any recommendations for a girl with a good attitude and good English. I see agencies can arrange but at usual sky high fees. Happy to pay for quality but not to be ripped off. Any pointers would be highly appreciated.
No. 5078    
I'm not sure if 410chan is the right place for such advices: /int/ here is slow (slower than you can imagine), so you'll get your answer after, idk, four days at least. Try other boards (do we have international sections on russian 2ch or Dobrochan?) or even specialised forums (i'm sure there are any).
No. 5082    

You should go to VK and search for СПбГУ gals.

Especially ones born in big cities, which are not Peterburgh.
No. 5085    
No. 5086    
Why are Ukrainians so inadequate?
No. 5087    
144347094813.jpg-(233.66KB, 850×1202, sample-8567369f5ac23722217e71a034941c2d.jpg)
Because no one loves them. You would be mad and rude to everyone too if even slav brotherhood (russians and people from Belarus, for example) would make jokes at you and would call you "hohol", There is a word like that, "rusnya". No russian likes it, ofc which is an insult.
142841412135.jpg-(58.17KB, 500×360, 1425282165249.jpg)
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Student of Russian here. I am writing my own sentences to learn more words and how to express intelectual thoughts in Russian.
Are these ones correct?
Если ты хочешь пиду, тебе нужно чистый хуй.
Я тебе обещаю один вещь, тот негр станет сумасшедшим, когда он узнает что ты ебал его маму вчера.
Вперед к коммунисму!
Заботливо, никто не может знать если медведь сердитый.
Taк больно, я чувствоваю обоняние пиды в воздухе.
No. 4984    
Don't know why you try offensive language to learn Russian before you know some basics. As Russian by myself, I can provide you many variations of these sentences, just changing suffixes in words.
For example, "Если хочешь пизды" or "Если хочешь пизду" have different meanings.
No. 4987    
Ебай, я подумал что “пизда“ была “пида".
No. 4988    
Dis guy is native english speaker, and has expierence with languages other than russian. So he able to point out nuances with which he struggled and critical differences between roman and slavic language groups. This kind of tips is very important, because they allow you to keep your focus.

Disregard his political views tho, cuz he is just typical pro-western cunt.
No. 4989    
Было очень интересно
Спасибо товарищ
No. 5025    
Why on Earth would one learn Russian? It's as irrelevant as Swedish.
No. 5026    
to tell you the truth, that guy just made me laugh LOUDLY
143146290725.jpg-(330.44KB, 750×562, tallin3.jpg)
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My dear estonia friends, what would be the translation of "tiblad" to english?

like in the following video

and why the russian commenter there is so butthurted?
No. 5010    
141633148934.jpg-(47.56KB, 625×417, 141177350265.jpg)
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Ask a Brazilian anything, /int/.
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No. 4947    
>says he doesn't speak american
>speaks american
No. 4957    
142317835191.jpg-(36.08KB, 422×349, unnamed (2).jpg)

i only speak the best english, m8.
No. 4966    
142453540454.png-(333.69KB, 413×570, 1413122068001.png)
No. 4981    
Do you like Argentina, Chile and Uruguay?
No. 4982    
142837639111.jpg-(210.50KB, 779×1075, 1428014975356.jpg)
Uruguayans(?) are ok, and I think their country is based. I'm really considering to move there.

Argentinians are horrible, I've saw some of them during the World Cup here, and they just couldn't stop yelling some football shit and drinking. But their country seems nice.

I don't know too much about Chileans. There are some of then living in our beaches, selling "street art". Never spoke to one before.

What about you? What do you think about your fellow Slavic friends?
No. 4985    
>What about you? What do you think about your fellow Slavic friends?
we love each other deeply (at least belarussians and ukrainians) but are too harsh, strict and tsundere to each other
that is our love

t. not him
No. 4990    
Please, come! We need more users.

142791703498.jpg-(13.80KB, 425×300, 5c07a4a0_cf-Amanda_Pays_preview.jpg)
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142568413723.jpg-(122.37KB, 1280×720, 1388650799468.jpg)
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Предлагаю забанить ОПа
No. 4971    
Why are you all dead?
No. 4974    
141945584518.jpg-(100.07KB, 480×753, 71bbfbe0ec97366ce99237c9c63fa4a7.jpg)
No. 4893 hide watch Quick Reply       [Reply]
merry christmas, comrads.
No. 4898    
141954484998.jpg-(155.37KB, 1000×1200, 1390839254460.jpg)
You too, /br/azil.
Merry Christmas.
No. 4899    
14200325701.png-(72.03KB, 633×613, ForeverAlone.png)
ok, bro~
No. 4904    
Next time bring more bunda.
No. 4954    
epic meme
better than spurdo spärde X--------DDDDDD
142244076840.jpg-(18.80KB, 640×355, neinmann.jpg)
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Let's consider you can't into German, but can you still understand what's the song all about?
No. 4946    
Something about night and dancing, for sure.
No. 4948    
лоокс лике соме схиттз тецхно схит
No. 4949    
>serbian keyboard
looks like some crappy techno shit
i speak german, but i'm not listening to it because i'm in public
she sounds like she has a shitty attitude though
141701839017.jpg-(90.24KB, 600×832, you_were_born_too_late.jpg)
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Предлагаю забанить ОПа
No. 4819    
>Предлагаю забанить ОПа
Vote against. Strongly against.

No. 4820    
>You were born.
Here is a problem.
No. 4891    
141940930384.png-(767.28KB, 1366×768, Снимок экрана от 2014-12-23 22:43:25.png)
No. 4924    
14211598727.jpg-(116.58KB, 650×659, 1418056557599.jpg)
just saiyan
No. 4926    
No. 4927    
No. 4928    
Press x to bump.
142003679418.jpg-(34.54KB, 700×450, 28d6dce3-bfbe-48f5-bef8-172db4829d63.jpg)
No. 4900 hide watch Quick Reply       [Reply]
Happy New Year, motherfuckers.
No. 4901    
142004067714.png-(562.79KB, 1366×768, Снимок экрана от 2014-12-31 15:03:03.png)
No. 4903    
I hope u all have a great 2015.
No. 4905    
The same to, man.
No. 4906    
>to you
No. 4912    
14208168298.png-(16.77KB, 300×196, 1390054656695.png)
Happy new year, hope 2015 is kind to you all.
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