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131318670994.jpg-(124.10KB, 1365×711, voron.jpg)
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Я финнфаг, и учусь русскому языку.

У вас советы, где находит разные, недлинные тексты на русском языке? может быть, о исторических темах или просто русском культуре?
Я постарался читать статьи новой газеты но, блядь, слишком много слов которых я не знаю. Я также ищу видеоклипы в youtube, которые на русском языке.

Спрашивайте что-нибудь или просто разговоривайте о изучении языков в етом треде, или критиковайте мою грамматику нещадно - надеяюсь что я что-то учусь.

Заметил, что /int здесь почти пустой но может быть можно немного разговоривать на русском языке.

Простите за мой русский.
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No. 3094    
Привет Финский брат,
Я ирландец, жил в россии долгое время.
Если хочешь- спрашивай вопросы, помогу.
No. 3096    
>Я ирландец, жил в россии долгое время.
No. 3097    
132432692461.jpg-(123.14KB, 1280×720, 1292176398905.jpg)
No. 3124    
Short texts...

Well, I can make an advice:

Read "xakep.ru", its articles are short, but dense and have lots of good words.

Извини, , забыл себя переключить.
Xakep.ru, в общем.
Вариант №2 - lib.ru, отдел "классика"
Вариант №3 - видеочат, только я не знаю сам ничего
Вариант №4 - скайп.
No. 3156    
А я могу задавать вопросы?
Какого черта ты делал в нашей гостепреимной стране, ту бегин уит?
No. 3169    
Проклятье ануса бампает этот тред.
No. 3178    
129482617689.jpg-(79.81KB, 1280×720, 1293922717016.jpg)
No. 2389 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Посоны, а куда лучше валить - Латвия, Литва, Эстония?
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No. 3083    
эстонский скайп? нет,не слышал...
No. 3132    
Зачем тебе прибалтика? Типа Европа с русским языком?

Среди законопослушных граждан есть масса людей, повернутых на идее обладания огнестрелом, живущих мыслью о том, как в один прекрасный день они смогут реализовать свое священное право использовать оружие во имя добра. Один такой полуебок недавно застрелил в кинотеатре мужика на глазах у маленькой дочери. Кто-то из них хрустел чипсами, на этой почве возникла ссора. Причем стрелок был вроде бы порядочным гражданином с юридическим образованием.
No. 3133    
Этот чел еще писал всякие статьи о том, как это охуенно, когда огнестрел доступен обществу, и что нужно расширить перечень доступного оружия и выдавать разрешения на автоматические стволы.
No. 3145    
>Европа с русским языком?
Калининградская область?
No. 3155    
>Европа с русским языком
Да вы пизданулись тут все чтоле. Европа с русским языком, Антарктида без снега, Африка без негров, чего еще?
No. 3172    
Пошёл нахуй, игнорант.
No. 3303    
Я сам с Литвы уехал, заработаю копеек и поеду в отпуск обратно, поездить по городам да по соседям, в Ригу и Таллин, никогда небыл.
13246479971.jpg-(59.19KB, 500×754, BerlinFallSoviet.jpg)
No. 3113 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
First off I'm from the USA and I've been reading a lot of books on World ware 2. Coming from the US and getting only that and an English point of view for years it was painted out that we all beat the Nazis equally.
Reading up it's painfully obvious that the Soviet Union really are the ones. I'm glad we helped, but in no way was it like the USA and UK put in a 50% fight there. I'm not knocking what we did contribute, just acknowledging that my country is so anti Soviet that we wouldn't even admit that the war was basically won by Russia.
Just wanted to say thanks, fuck the Nazis and fuck lying to your people about history because we didn't like Stalin.
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No. 3115    
132465400197.jpg-(335.74KB, 1200×889, Image_126.jpg)
Politics is hypocritical and deceitful thing, not only in the US, deal with it. Soviet union's propaganda suppressed and distorted as many facts as the American one did. Maybe Americans were more intimidated with 'The Evil Empire', nukes and Red invasion thing though, and the Soviets were told that life of an ordinary man in the USA is poor, dangerous and slavish. Cold war is not a joke.

It's a good thing that we have access to any book now.
No. 3118    
Lol at the picture, in reality it was and is the same in both counties, poor and dangerous. Except for an upper class based on inheritance, luck, and ties to the government.

As far as books are concerned I don't see any translations of Russian authors on WWII, it's all US and UK authors here, so unfortunately no, we here only get the Russian view if we study the Russian language and order books off the internet. In fact there aren't even any translations of books written about Stalin's place in modern Russian history, what Russians think about the whole situation except for sound bites on TV. It's still very important to paint out Russian soldiers in the end of WWII as rapists, and totally ignore while doing so the fact that the Nazis killed more Russian civilians than they killed soldiers in the war, so what's worse? We get told that Putin is proof of an oligarchy in Russian politics, ignoring that for the last 30+ years we've had either a Bush or a Clinton in power. Farther back if you include Bush Sr. heading the CIA. Basically the cold war is still going on in our media.
Anyway, it's enough to where I'm interested in studying Russian as one of the languages to master besides English. WWII is going to always interest me, so learning German and Russian is important.
No. 3119    
>poor and dangerous. Except for an upper class based on inheritance, luck, and ties to the government.
In the Soviet Union thought that your government is 50% of the capitalists who robbing the American people. And 50% of politicians-imperialists who was bought by the capitalists.
>Stalin's place in modern Russian history
We have a joke "Russia - a country with an unpredictable past". This is 100% true.
Liberals are hate him, for them he is "Dumb bloody tyrant".
Communists are like him, for them he is "Great lider who make industrialization in the country, created Russian science and established a political system capable of mobilizing the country to fight the enemy"
>cold war is still going on in our media
It is. I think this is because society want it. And media giving it to them.
No. 3120    
132469014699.jpg-(159.64KB, 800×554, StalingradBurning.jpg)
>>>cold war is still going on in our media
It is. I think this is because society want it. And media giving it to them.

The other way to look at it is that the people who are most successful with a given system own the media, so they have an interest in keeping up a fight against any possible other system. Their views are what makes the news.
No. 3121    
>The other way to look at it is that the people who are most successful with a given system own the media, so they have an interest in keeping up a fight against any possible other system. Their views are what makes the news.
Both factors.
Peoples loves sensations. And in general they don't like spend long time to understand the complex situations. "XXX country is evil empire!" - And your ratings fly up. Generally if the society sees in something "focus of evil" this is beneficial for politicians. As a resut forming a positive feedback. Society needs more sensations (and they know almost nothing about other countries), politicians need a "main enemy of the state". But the policy is stop it someday, otherwise the process can get out of control. Media also can not write 100% lie. They still need some real events, which can be interpreted two ways and that society is not well understood.
NATO invade in Yugoslavia -> Bloody US capitalists
Russia invade in Georgia -> Bloody Russian imperialists
No. 3122    
132472263282.jpg-(134.29KB, 799×522, 1317993565560.jpg)
I'm never for war, but I understood in both situations why it went the way it did. Funny how many people over here were fully behind NATO because they saw Serbia as being the aggressor there, but they never bothered to read up on the Georgian conflict, because that's convenient for their limited world view. Most didn't even know that the contested areas had never wanted to be part Georgia, so they thought unrealistically that Russia was being the aggressor there.

Of course in both cases, the "good" side according to my standards also had hidden agendas and wasn't fully pure etc. That's why war is total joke, with the exception of WWII, Hitler needed to be destroyed, no doubt at all.
No. 3123    
>Funny how many people over here were fully behind NATO because they saw Serbia as being the aggressor there, but they never bothered to read up on the Georgian conflict, because that's convenient for their limited world view. Most didn't even know that the contested areas had never wanted to be part Georgia, so they thought unrealistically that Russia was being the aggressor there.
Same shit here with Yugoslavia, people don't know nothing about their civilian war. Just "In Yugoslavia, there were some disagreements and NATO have used this to destroy the country" Because US wants to dominate the world.
>had hidden agendas and wasn't fully pure etc.
It is.
Do you have something like this on english?
This is a directory of photos with explanations stories of photo.
131515688641.jpg-(10.17KB, 228×219, 15947628.jpg)
No. 2998 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Did you know you can view the videos on Nico Nico Douga free? NND is like a Youtube in Japan. NND is where lots of intermemes are produced day after day. Do you know fukkireta dance, Paffendorf dance, Caramelldansen dance and Nyancat song,etc? They were all born there.

You can sign up for it, either on http://niconico.com or http://de.nicovideo.jp/ or http://es.nicovideo.jp/
You can view Japanese contents by signing up with the account you created on one of above sites.
I made a series of tutorials for Nico Nama, which is a similar broadcasting service similar to Ustream. Please watch and come join us.
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No. 3008    
Operation Odoriko
No. 3009    
There are several user-side streaming services like Ustream, Stickam and Blog TV. Once you've paide 25 cents, you can broad cast as long as you like (with limitations, but no disadvantage). That's for niconico dot com. If you want to broadcast for Japanese audience, you need to pay about 500 yen per month.You basically need no more than that to broadcast.

I have launched an operation to invite Youtube dancers to broadcast on Nico Nama.

If the above link doesn't work, http://goo.gl/d1Wdk
No. 3010    
>>3009 Ya don't even read what we write here, eh?
No. 3012    
131644984947.jpg-(132.74KB, 1024×768, 1298748011644.jpg)
>pay about 500 yen
No. 3013    
131669922287.jpg-(35.14KB, 704×396, snapshot20090902142849.jpg)
No. 3056    
Thanks for the information and don't pay attention to certain hairy ill-mannered barbarians.
No. 3081    
3000! GET
130691047883.jpg-(100.45KB, 600×900, 043d23b355ae.jpg)
No. 2840 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
How do I distinguish Asian races by their appearance? For example, a Chinese from a Korean and Japanese (particularly women). I can't really differ European races as well.

Advise your advices.
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No. 3015    
I don't get the joke, you do all look the same.
No. 3016    
131684670374.jpg-(18.03KB, 343×400, image001.jpg)
Are you sure?
No. 3018    
You kidding? Georgians are Mediterranean type(like Greeks, Italians, etc) with darker skin, darker hair, more body hair. Tempers are alike as well.

As for Ukranian and Russian, they really are indistinguishable by their looks unless they wear national clothing and hairdos. That's mostly because current Ukranian nation is somewhat artificial: judging by which state you prefer, you could call Southern and Eastern Ukraine populated by Russians, or say that people in Rostov and Krasnodar are Ukranians. They aren't really different by looks or by the langauge they speak in their daily life(it has a derogatory name 'суржик' and no normal name I know of). Western Ukraine has not been under Russian rule for almost 1000(i.e. never as it's more than the age of Moscow) years before World War 2, their language has a lot of words borrowed from Romance and Germanic languages and they have major influence in political and cultural life of modern Ukraine(because Easterners split into strictly pro-Russia and neutrals and can't have the majority), but they still look the same as Russians. Only the percentage of people with blond hair and blue eyes is lower - but that's natural as Ukraine has warm and sunny climate compared to Russia.
No. 3072    
Han Chinese are heavily Mongoloid. Swarthy, short, stocky, round faces, dark skin, wide and flat noses.

Koreans are more gracile than Chinese. They have very pale skin and are often of more slender build.

Japanese are generally the tallest. Slender build, medium or fair skin tone, and the widest eyes.
No. 3076    
132280167097.jpg-(59.85KB, 300×393, nomokonov.jpg)
This. Many non-Slavic Russians do look like Georgians. Some even look like Japs themselves.
Picrelated: Soviet Evenki sniper who slaughtered 360 pieces of nazi scum (including one Major General) and 7 Japs.
No. 3079    
132293817114.jpg-(49.30KB, 684×497, Australia-horizon.jpg)
>Han Chinese are short
>Japanese are generally the tallest
No. 3080    
128431032236.jpg-(30.00KB, 350×439, WORKING CLASS SCUM.jpg)
No. 1830 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Communism. Discuss.
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No. 2835    
130672541425.png-(33.43KB, 792×162, sartanko.png)
Putting this here since english chans are messed up.
No. 2838    
I read a bit of Marks, but didn't get it.
Lenin didn't get it too, i think.
No. 2839    
130684298748.png-(179.45KB, 315×253, smiling_dog_2.png)
>didn't get it
It's not surprising, because you didn't even manage to write his surname right.
No. 2867    
130806959276.jpg-(91.33KB, 750×600, 1296435754426.jpg)
No. 2869    
130807249815.jpg-(58.22KB, 500×500, 1271826457_radish_608_v1.jpg)
But they have the wrong colour.
No. 2907    
131140636169.jpg-(101.87KB, 630×480, Anarcho-Capitalism victory above the ruins of the .jpg)

Im talking about the left wing in general.
No. 2908    
131142110221.jpg-(243.33KB, 1080×1584, 376.jpg)
Communism is imminent.
128431027844.jpg-(51.37KB, 428×336, Rosja bez komentarza.jpg)
No. 1828 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Rosjanie kurwy
14 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 2253    
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
No. 2254    

They can’t secure even their own ass.txt
No. 2255    
White, black, yellow, I don't give a shit as long as this child doesn't drink "Jaguaro" and shitty vodka on a bench under my balcony and does not rob and punch me in the face when I return home late evening.
No. 2256    
There's no society without such people.
No. 2257    
129158949847.jpg-(19.79KB, 545×216, jlglasses.jpg)
You may say, I'm a dreamer
No. 2288    
The real question is not the absence/presence of such people those motherfuckers in the society, but rather their quantity compared to "normal" people & the position of society towards those motherfuckers.
No. 2309    
That's what I was trying to say.
129041834275.jpg-(109.77KB, 884×745, anju1.jpg)
No. 2185 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
could someone please translate this to english? thanks
20 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 2269    
>She's a manipulating kind of one.
It's true. This bitch is discuss the relationship with another people...
No. 2270    
Sweden (if you still read this) what keyLogger do you use?
i suddenly dont trust my GF at all..
No. 2271    
Is she a foreigner too?
No. 2272    
yes but she wont want my citizenship.
she wants me in her country (DE). what evil plan should i expect?
>she'll bear some children to make you pay for them.
scared, man
No. 2273    
You will be ass-raepd by evil Hittler-looking nazis.
Well, I dunno. Maybe she wants your internal organs sold but I doubt it.
Or she's just testing you and your relationships.
Or she doesn't give a fuck about you knowing you'll probably won't follow her to Germany.
No. 2274    
It's not discussing alone, it's PLOTTING.
She's maybe lovey-dovey now, but after she gets what she needs, you can kiss her ass goodbye.
She might be withholding with her long-run goals when you talk to her.

Admit it, Sweden, do she ever tricked you into buying stuff for her? Count the money you spent on her.
No. 2275    
She might be afraid that you leave her, so she wants some security on her homeground, but that's merely a speculation.
Speak about it with her, if possible.
128790825622.jpg-(97.20KB, 728×600, m1abrams.jpg)
No. 2091 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
This land is now United States territory. In time, if deemed necessary for proper administration of these lands, you may become a state or be incorporated into an existing state.
17 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 2177    
129033789231.png-(26.28KB, 640×400, nihao.png)
Am I doin' it rite?
No. 2181    
129033932239.png-(35.81KB, 840×400, Без имени.png)
Have I missed 是 or something?
No. 2182    
How did I translate this?
No. 2183    
Лолшто, почему паст симпл? Там написано: "Китайский (письменный) язык очень сложен. Русский язык тоже довольно сложен". А 是 (shì) — это что-то вроде "to be" в английском.

Я просто ещё не очень разобрался с вводом китайского с клавиатуры.
No. 2184    
Потому что я упоротый был тогда. Изучаем язык будущих властелинов?
No. 2192    
А. Да не, просто китайский учу вот.
No. 4579    
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