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141753628911.png-(652.73KB, 708×869, Untitled-7.png)
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Реквестирую Сырен во Франции, для возможной сходки на нейтральной территории в после сессионный период.
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No. 4845    
141768911745.png-(299.17KB, 800×600, Mokou.png)
Судентота, два года тут живу, до этого часто ездил от администрации родного города по городам по братимам, там всякие встречи в мериях, диалоги с местной властью и прочие прелести.
I am living in Pessac, don't have time to work somewhere, University takes almost all my time.
Cool stories? What are you talking about? I have nothing like this or just, I dunno , it's a bit difficult to distinguish interesting and boring stories, cause' it's my life however. (:
No. 4846    
what do you study
how much does it cost
who pays for you
any plans to get back to big bad russia
No. 4847    
Economics and managment.
420 euros for year.
Parents, however it's almost free if we compare prices for university in Russia and this 420 euros.
Nope, after this want to try Hong-Kong or Tokyo, because I have a lot of friends there. I prefer Japan, because want to study in the HAL univetsity, but it's a bit expensive, that's why first thing to do is a find a job to be able to pay for my further education
No. 4848    
141770246093.jpg-(263.56KB, 1000×1579, HAL_Tokyo_cocoon.jpg)
lol really cheap
and what about living costs
also what do you think, they give you a good education on whatever you wanna learn or just meh tier
HAL looks cool lol and really japanese regarding disciplines and professions
how much time have you spent in japan
how is it there (it looks like candyland with sweet human-elves to me, i might want to be redpilled)
also i want to study fundamental physics but im afraid i fucked up my chances already
regards, fella 23 y.o neet of moscow who probably stuck in it or neetness for life
No. 4849    
Сколько тебе сейчас лет?
Если планируешь еще одно обучение в азии, то не боишься остаться вечным студентом?
Какие языки ты знаешь?
Может быть везде за границей планируешь общаться на английском не обращая внимания на местный язык, но так ты же нигде не станешь "своим".
No. 4850    
Может, он мастера/PhD хочет в Азии, а не второе высшее.
No. 4876    
Сейчас 19, не боюсь оказаться вечным студентом. Знаю русский, французский, английский со всякими дипломами подтверждающими это, сейчас еще учу испанский. Со следующего года буду учить японский. Нет не боюсь что будет трудно знать много языков, я и так знаю частично письменность и большой словарный запас в этих двух допах, просто в порядок нужно привести и грамматику.
Нет не планирую общаться на английском, говорить на английском разве что вариант если ехать работать в Гон-Конг.
Нет, именно вторую вышку. Во Франции, по моей специальности, получают вышку с магистратурой за пять лет.
141762985521.jpg-(71.58KB, 650×560, 420 blaze it faggot.jpg)
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sup niggers
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No. 4853    
Vodka Niggers Balalaika
War Matreshka Kostroma
Space Gagarin Sputnik Laika
Dollar Barrel USA
No. 4854    
141804717693.jpg-(101.32KB, 550×595, 1408297369607.jpg)
You polandballs are sure funny guys. Nearly everyone from Poland (whom I met, ofc) are cheerful and, you know, looks like their lives are much more easier than ours in Russia. I hope you will be ok and crazy Putin and fools from russian goverment will not invade.
Best regards, Travelling frog. Next time I will spend my holidays in Rome!
No. 4855    
>will not invade
... Poland!
Something like that. See you.
No. 4856    
> Kostroma
u lost me.
No. 4858    
I am afraid to inform you that I am not Polack at all.
But your observations are absolutely correct.
Comparing my previous place of living with Poland, yes life here is easier and people are more joyful. Maybe even more open-hearted. Furthermore, there are much more different opportunities for young people in Poland.

>I hope you will be ok
Everything will be great, ha-ha.
You can be absolutely calm about Poland.
Russia in it's current state can't invade not Eastern Europe nor Baltic states. Latest Russian policy looked more like convulsions than rational behavior. But newspapers in Poland are comparing Putin with Hitler. I personally think it is preposterous and impossible scenario.

>Next time I will spend my holidays in Rome!
Godspeed you, Travelling frog.
No. 4864    
141814980014.png-(819.71KB, 588×969, 1399757439001.png)
>Latest Russian policy looked more like convulsions than rational behavior.
No. 4865    
I want to believe.
139170859321.png-(206.17KB, 648×628, 1391439377001.png)
No. 4368 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Ask a drunk American anything
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No. 4830    
Sorry, was drunk.
No. 4832    
141754966466.jpg-(51.68KB, 400×600, Naruto_133028_0001.jpg)
still drunked
No. 4833    
>She's drunk, I bet she's still drunk.
>‘Shuggie's still drunk.’
>oh dear still drunk that's what it is
"Was drunk" is correct form. But meanings are different, of course.
>Suddenly I realised I was drunk and alone.
>‘He assaulted her daughter when he was drunk.’
>She moved then, swaying a bit as if she was drunk.
No. 4834    
go away, bro. vodka-influenced people don't need any grammar audience
No. 4835    
Hm, that makes sense.
No. 4836    
i'm pretty sure of it, lol
No. 4837    
Coolstory bro, I like it.
141500870116.jpg-(74.79KB, 619×427, Habla-español.jpg)
No. 4741 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Здраво быдла! шведский негр здесь, кто пытается говорить по-русски. Я учился всё самом.Вы думаете что я хорошо говорю?

Картина не свясанная,Это Франко
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No. 4744    
Я мало говорю по-русски а уже могу писать россискую поэзию.
Я буду быть великим поэтом как Пушкин!
Вот мой поэм:
Виктор не любил Сталина
Сталин не любил Виктора
КГБ убил Виктора
No. 4745    
This board is kinda slow, but you are welcome.
Maybe some slavs use that as greeting, I don't know, but in Russia it's kinda unusual. "Здоро́во" is more appropriate.
"Быдло" is correct.
>шведский негр здесь, кто пытается говорить по-русски
The more language-wise correctly is "шведский негр, пытающийся говорить по-русски, здесь" or even "я шведский негр, пытающийся говорить по-русски". Your version is gramatically fine, but nobody talks like that.
>Я учился всё самом
"Я учил все сам" is probably what you want to say. :D
>Вы думаете что я хорошо говорю?
I don't think so. Your language usage sucks.
>Картина не свясанная
We say "картина" about the pieces of painted art hanging on the walls of art gallery. But we say "картинка" (you can translate that like "a small picture" or "a petty picture") about pictures on Internet or in computers in general. Don't ask why, it's Russian magic.
Also you probably want to say "несвязанная", but the best choice here is the short form "не связана", I guess.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 4746    
A-a "быдла" множественный форм
No. 4747    
Активизировать его, шведский!
No. 4748    
The word "быдло" has no plural form, it's kinda uncountable.
"Быдла" is the genitive of "быдло". Yes, Russian has cases, the six of them.
No. 4749    
>no plural form
быдлы, ёпта.
такие как ты.
No. 4750    
141581999966.jpg-(506.70KB, 1918×1400, 7f1c67980cc399a44ce8faf7936a1af8.jpg)
141149923975.jpg-(97.77KB, 673×550, meister.jpg)
No. 4666 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Greetings, passengers.

I'd like to ask: what can be compared in Russia to a german Meister?

A Meister is someone with a qualification between a worker and engineer in a company, he has the basic knowledge from his origin job (electrician, metal worker, optics, chemicals, mainly) and has taken additional exams in law, accounting, work and personal organisation, which would qualify him as Meister Industrie (Industry, obviously).
He's then something like a connection link between the upper (boss) and lower (workers) hierarchy, he receives references from the boss and organises his incoherent rambling in working plans for the workers, also, overlooks the processes and controls them.

A Handwerksmeister (a guild master of trade: electro, metal, baker, painter, roofer, gunsmith, blacksmith, restorer, etc.) has same qualifications, except this title also qualifies the Handwerkmeister to found a own company and hire apprentices (both Meisters can qualify apprentices).

Also, both titles also can replace the abitur, which allow them to enter a higher education facility (only based on their professional field).

How would you call such professional in Russia and do you think, a Meister would find a decent employment in Russia? Or what would probably happen?
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No. 4730    

No. 4731    
Mental disorders surely do present among Russians, as we can see by this thread.
No. 4732    
Yes. No sane person would associate himself with Russians or Russia.
No. 4733    
Thank you for your answers, friends.
Sadly, with appearance of ukrotrolls the thread turned to shit, (as expected from salo), so feel free to close it.
No. 4734    
141286406293.jpg-(58.08KB, 500×465, 14128639113560.jpg)
I'm not Ukrainian. I've spent my whole life in Russia and have Russian citizenship, so I've all authority to criticize this deficient country.
No. 4735    
this is how caring are russian people:
No. 4737    
138906278768.jpg-(822.04KB, 1953×1374, Trans-Siberian_tunnel.jpg)
No. 4336 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
My dream is to ride the transiberian, to travel Russia from tip to tip.
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No. 4462    
139895134665.jpg-(70.34KB, 800×582, HXSgxr0r8RI.jpg)
Меня вот интересует, откуда здесь аноны из таких ебеней. И вообще, не знал, что там кто-то посещает АИБ даже после обретения дерьмократии.
No. 4473    
А как ты определяешь, ебеня или нет?
На флаг не обращай внимание, это прокся.
No. 4475    
Это первое, с чем у тебя ассоциируется Чили?
No. 4481    
140018163778.jpg-(101.96KB, 600×623, ATO_Sir.jpg)
No. 4501    
14005225144.png-(243.01KB, 640×498, kim-ogurzov.png)
My dream is to ride the transsexual :P
No. 4558    
А что там?
No. 4655    
На днях годовщина переворота была, кстати.
13902475758.jpg-(579.28KB, 1632×1224, 20140111_200039.jpg)
No. 4346 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Russian faggots, I need your help.

I'm currently living with a russian roommate. He's been cooking this. How is that called?
6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 4353    
No. 4354    
UWBFTP в лучших традициях модтни.

No. 4361    
olololo spurdo :----DDD
No. 4400    
so, my gitlar collauge-ne, dats 'n a:
1) Selyodka pod shuboi.
2) Herring under a fur coat.
3) Hering unter einem Pelzmantel.
No. 4401    
Под пушистым мехом... Звучит не очень съедобно.
Другой немец-кун.
No. 4402    
Это Империя!
No. 4552    
btw, it tastes really good. Come on and try it, you German faggot.
136821210844.jpg-(331.78KB, 1500×1500, 0922012d-a857-4bdc-92f9-89849e255f85.jpg)
No. 4194 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 4196    
No. 4198    
136827296847.jpg-(130.45KB, 1280×544, My Way (2011) BDRip 720p_mkv_snapshot_00_56_49_[20.jpg)
Ничего не понял, пощу атаку смертников.
No. 4201    
Ребятки, посоветуйте учебников по мунспику, будет чем заняться на каникулах в деревне.
No. 4202    
No. 4213    
М. Судо "Элементарный японский детям и взрослым".
No. 4214    
No. 4398    
13969847109.png-(12.41KB, 296×244, Screenshot - 04082014 - 10:15:58 PM.png)
136398025751.png-(7.37KB, 64×64, No.png)
No. 4162 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Не отображается на ычане капча уже два дня. Местоположение — Германия. Извините, в /d/ по понятным причинам написать не могу, а знакомых ычановцев тоже нету.
Не отображается в хромиуме, фф, хроме на андроиде.
36 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 4391    
No. 4392    
139525014377.png-(168B, 90×50, ahogeland.png)
Хозхол небось.
No. 4393    
Мод-тян, зачем ты меня опять забанила, я ведь ничего не сделал. И в /d/ даже не пожаловаться.
No. 4394    
Пойду, пожалуюсь за тебя.
No. 4395    
А кто модерирует /int/?
Мод-тян или Соус?
No. 4396    
Соус, ясное дело.
No. 4397    
Спасибо всем!
139284251161.jpg-(108.06KB, 900×375, mettbroetchen-b3.jpg)
No. 4374 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Hello, Russia.
Would you eat a Mettbrötchen when in Germany?

It's a typical german breakfast food.
Fresh raw minced meat with sliced onions, with salt and pepper. Tastes delicious.
I buy Mett from small local butchery, so i can be sure it's fresh. Nobody would sell Mett on the next day, so it gets thrown away of fryed into meatballs.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 4377    
>raw meat
Enjoy your worms.
No. 4380    
Eat it since 10 years. No worms or troyans detected.
No. 4381    
Do you eat raw eggs too?

And not boiled water?
No. 4382    
Raw eggs, what am i, Rocky?
As for water, i don't need to boil it. Do you?
No. 4383    
My water smells like chlorine until I boil it.
No. 4384    
Enjoy your dioxides.
No. 4385    
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