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133633835453.gif-(1.82KB, 617×302, lg-lgflag.gif)
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so what do you think of latvia ruskies ?
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No. 3716    
>Stalin considered himself russian and one of the most beloved russian writers was half-nigger half-jewish
way of an example
>one of the most beloved russian writers was half-nigger half-jewish
i havent read pushkin and i dont think i am missing something out
No. 3725    
133760679158.jpg-(145.94KB, 800×556, communism102.jpg)
Even a puppet regime is better than forced loss of sovereignty.

Don't argue with a crazy commie. People were completely against USSR.

Littlepage described how, as soon as he arrived in the Soviet mines in 1928, he became aware of the scope of industrial sabotage, the method of struggle preferred by enemies of the Soviet régime. There was therefore a large base fighting against the Bolshevik leadership, and if some well-placed Party cadres were encouraging or simply protecting the saboteurs, they could seriously weaken the régime. Here is Littlepage's description.

One day in 1928 I went into a power-station at the Kochbar gold-mines. I just happened to drop my hand on one of the main bearings of a large Diesel engine as I walked by, and felt something gritty in the oil. I had the engine stopped immediately, and we removed from the oil reservoir about two pints of quartz sand, which could have been placed there only by design. On several other occasions in the new milling plants at Kochkar we found sand inside such equipment as speed-reducers, which are entirely enclosed, and can be reached only by removing the hand-hold covers.

Such petty industrial sabotage was --- and still is --- so common in all branches of Soviet industry that Russian engineers can do little about it, and were surprised at my own concern when I first encountered it ....

Why, I have been asked, is sabotage of this description so common in Soviet Russia, and so rare in most other countries? Do Russians have a peculiar bent for industrial wrecking?

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No. 3727    
>industrial sabotage, the method of struggle preferred by enemies of the Soviet régime.
briliant but communism will not come back what russia wants now is the possesion of the entry to the baltic sea. they want to become a superpower.
No. 3728    
Russia already has entry to the baltic sea.
No. 3729    
they want MOAR!
No. 3738    
I don't believe you don't know Russian.
No. 3745    
i know english better then russian and russian better then french
133731364387.jpg-(320.05KB, 720×960, foto (4).jpg)
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Привет, ребята.
I just bought this book. Am I doing it right to learn the great history of one of the greatest countries of all time?
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No. 3735    
It came from Kiev Rus. Modern Russia/Ukraine/Belarus division is artificial, just like North/South Korea division. There should be Slavia instead of Russia and Rodnovery instead of Christianity, while Slavs should be recognized as owners of the land, just like Germans own Germany. Alas Putin prefers multiculturalism.
No. 3736    
>Alas Putin prefers multiculturalism.
imperialism in disguise. this "multicultural" party here is voted in and consists of overwhelmingly by russians. they organized the events for 9th may and also was for the second official language. so to seem credible multicultural party they defend the opinon the latvian dialect - latgalian should become an official language . and this became an issue after their defeat at russian language refernedum. before i havent even heard of latgalians themselves activily voicing they want latgalian to be an official language.
>In 1992, a new Latin Chechen alphabet was introduced, but after the defeat of the secessionist government, the Cyrillic alphabet was restored.
this doesnt sound multicultural
No. 3737    
13376969014.jpg-(51.62KB, 460×774, facebook.jpg)
>this doesnt sound multicultural
Chechens never had a native writing system. Latin was used by separatists, as it was planned for Chechnya to become part of Turkey and EU. So chechen war was in fact with European Union. UK even provided currency for a new puppet government...

I.e. European Union is so weak, even Russia can defeat it.
No. 3740    
133774309548.gif-(6.35KB, 500×500, thread_direction.gif)
It was funny.
No. 3741    
133774701547.jpg-(488.35KB, 1710×1616, russia16.jpg)
welcome to russia!
No. 3743    
And what period of history the most interesting?
No. 3744    
yeah i mean everything that is not russia is european union
133607783939.png-(12.02KB, 379×426, 1335216456002.png)
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Привет ! Как дила ? Я в порядке, и вы ?
Я французски и я учусь русски
Я не понимаю по-русски

I use google translate to make cyrillic characters but I have learned most of them. I can read cyrillic very slowly. I have to learn russian because I work with a russian speaking company. Please Russia, am I doing it right ?
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No. 3563    
>I am student.
>If I could
Why are you couldn't?
In the first round too?
>I have the opportunity to practice.
Then write something on Russian, lol.
>important points
>Я в порядке, и вы ?

Let's see.
>Я в порядке
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 3611    

>Why are you couldn't?
Because you need to be in your city to vote, or at least to declare at the police you're giving someone the possibility to vote for you, but I didn't did it, Hollande should have won anyway.

>In the first round too?
I voted for Bayrou at the first round, he is the centrist guy (and finished 5th so pretty much a useless vote).

It's now a week that I am learning russian and I can express simple things with the word I know. I hear russian all day long and I work with native speakers so I have pretty much the opportunity to practice. However, I still have a lot of work before being able to talk with someone.

Also, I think that, surprisingly, russian accent is somehow close to french accent. A luck for me because I am very happy to understand what people says me in english (and also, I can sometimes pick words in russian, and then look for the meaning).
No. 3615    
>Because you need to be in your city to vote
Wow. Here you can vote in others cities/countries.
>However, I still have a lot of work before being able to talk with someone
Said something. It will be fun.
>russian accent is somehow close to french accent
btw where are you living in France?
No. 3645    
Please wait a few weeks before expecting me to say something developped..

I am from the west of France, near Nantes.
No. 3646    
>Привет, я Французский и я (i don't get 1 word) Русский
lol. Not bad actually. And yes, you are "Француз". "Французский" it's language.
Is this estonian company working in France?
No. 3647    
The missing word is изучаю.
This company don't work in France currently, that's why I am here, to help them make business in France.
No. 3650    

Lol, you pronouced it like "st", but it's more like "tsh". Like in http://translate.google.com/?q=%D0%BE%D0%B1%D1%8B%D1%87%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B5&oe=utf-8&rls=en.yandex:en:official&client=firefox&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&sa=N&t
133263358717.jpg-(198.38KB, 600×600, 2012-02-08-473985.jpg)
No. 3381 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]

Madoka Magica
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No. 3468    
133294690881.jpg-(34.01KB, 544×400, 08x23&24 - The One Where Rachel Has a Baby Par.jpg)
No. 3473    
We say Sayaka Miki(Madoka Magica) a girl on the CG and we say Yayoi Kise(Smile Purecure:Smile Pretty Cure) a girl under the CG.
No. 3474    
I'm a real Japanese.
How are you?
I glad to meet you by Internet.

The Russian Laguage is a very diffcult laguage. I write in English. Thank you!
No. 3475    
133336761716.jpg-(607.69KB, 559×680, 2011-10-03-442332.jpg)
are Russian Boards.

I'm sorry. I cannot Russian.
No. 3476    
That's nice, thanks. What city are you from?
No. 3477    
133338028989.jpg-(14.15KB, 480×251, 23.jpg)
Now i'm understand everything!
No. 3493    
В Казахстане основан храм Мадоки.
133233698873.jpg-(65.43KB, 400×320, Flag-Pins-Russia-Brazil.jpg)
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Ask anything to a massive russianboo which is more russian than real russians.
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No. 3372    
133235555571.jpg-(147.84KB, 781×771, 1.jpg)
Go back to Israel.
No. 3478    
great communistik god! i see a russianboo, who is more russki than russkis.
by the way, what kind of gulag happens, that make you interest in russia? i.e. when i say - i like japs, i mean - i like the way they hire kitaitzy to draw a perverted pornographic cartoons for europeans, pay them nothing, and build a world's-second-economy from it. do you understand me?
No. 3479    
>do you understand me?
Is it even possible?
No. 3480    
Why not?
No. 3483    
I'm not this guy >>3363 but I'm a russiaboo as well.
I want to answer this one too.
>What other Brazilians thinking about your interest?
Some thinks that it's like a little stupid, but other people says that learn russian language will be good for the future, etc etc.
But I just love Russia. I like to talk with russian people.
No. 3486    
btw, my mother working in one russian university. She told me that few her students move to Brazil for improving their language. Yes... English language.
This is looking like totally crazy decision. Or maybe i'm wrong? Is there really good english speakers?
No. 3489    
Probably is not a good ideia. Because there are a LOT of people who does not speak english, but the younger nerds, or jungs who enjoy playing video games, they kind know it. But I don't knoe, maybe in a few university people just speak in english. Just like I saw that you people have a few in Russia too.
132945050364.jpg-(278.05KB, 768×1024, Danses_Cham.jpg)
No. 3285 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Подходит к концу короткая и бесславная история еврейского поселения на Ближнем Востоке-Израиля. Ветер будет носить по пустыгне драные хасидские шляпы. Дети бедуинов будут смеяться над этими чудовищными предметами одежды странных чужаков, которые пришли откуда-то и ушли в никуда. И опять будут слышны завывания по всему миру о последнем холокосте на мотив хаванагилы. Удивительный народ, евреи, они живут от холокоста до холокоста,они никогда ни в чём не виноваты, но ненавидимы миром. Зря ваш предок Агасфер толкнул Бога, не услышал бы он тогда приказа-" Встань и иди! " Не живётся вам на месте, опять припрётесь к нам, вроде мало вас здесь, проклятых....
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No. 3357    
133199309222.png-(251.77KB, 672×364, Bad Teacher_2011_BDRip-AVC by Lemniskata[01-02-43.png)
Облизал щит.
No. 3361    
>израильский флажок
Скоро будете кровь свою лизать...
No. 3362    
133224649341.jpg-(59.91KB, 700×466, pics-113.jpg)
У вас стойкие галлюцинации, любезный. Зачем же пропускать приём таблеток?
No. 3366    
133234223399.jpg-(37.90KB, 324×479, 259690_824rwzuru0_12652884.jpg)
Пикрилейтед-оккупант тоже валил на галлюцинации. Как же так! Еще вчера он издевался над украинцами, а сегодня его расстреливают!
No. 3367    
>а сегодня его расстреливают
Надо же, а я думал смертные казни отменили.
No. 3368    
Людские законы не распространяются на "богоизбранных".
No. 3373    
133236339010.png-(194.91KB, 281×557, Моя девушка яндер.png)
Любезный, да ты же упоротый.
132997964442.jpg-(3.53KB, 125×150, i.jpg)
No. 3304 hide watch Quick Reply       [Reply]
Туда ли я зашел?
No. 3305    
132999073570.jpg-(36.71KB, 600×447, 1245490639783.jpg)
Ты из Турции?
No. 3306    
No. 3307    
>>3306 А то!
No. 3308    
No. 3311    
>>3308 Нет, русский.
No. 3312    
Я думал, что русских в Туркменбашистане уже давно загнобили. Или это у тебя прокси?
No. 3314    
Ну поведай, как жизнь в Туркмении. Постоянно там живёшь? В РФ бываешь? В Ашхабаде родился и вырос? Русских там много?
132444348323.jpg-(139.11KB, 844×800, pixiv 23234903.jpg)
No. 3098 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
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No. 3116    
13246543541.jpg-(47.45KB, 565×480, vip20ch128422.jpg)
You mean our Greatest beloved wisest godlike Leader for ages?
No. 3117    
132466204864.jpg-(94.07KB, 468×658, 50044253_PutinDM_468x658.jpg)
Of course he mean our Godlike Emperor Father Of Our Great Nation.
No. 3153    
Party Center, Superior Person, Respected Leader, Unique Leader, Father of the People, Guarantee of the Fatherland's Unification, Sun of the Nation, Leader of the 21st Century, Beloved and Respected Father loves us!
No. 3213    
132838417016.jpg-(309.77KB, 490×605, tumblr_lx5ki3clGA1qeyjtwo1_500.jpg)
Всем привет! Украина - это лучшая страна в мире! И у нас самые красивые девушки!
No. 3225    
>Всем привет! Украина - это лучшая страна в мире! >И у нас самые красивые проститутки!
No. 3270    
>> inexpensive
fixed the fixed
No. 3294    
132856148769.jpg-(68.51KB, 900×678, 1317251395695.jpg)
No. 3236 hide watch Quick Reply       [Reply]
Hey there russian friends!

I tried on auto/b/us but didn't find anything so I'll try here.
Sorry to bother you but I am in real trouble. Need to play a prank on an ukrainian friend ad I can't find anything on the net.
How do you call dumb guys wearing leather jackets and berets. They are called something like Ox or Beef I think but direct translation does not get any prope result.
Usually pose in front of ugly carpets hung on the wall and whith alcohol or drugs.

Thank you!!
No. 3238    
Derp, nobody's willing to help me?
or at least redirect me on a board or a thread where I could get some indications ?
No. 3239    
I think you talking about "bidlo" but i don't shure.
Sorry for my english.
No. 3240    
No. 3241    
132856449940.jpg-(76.29KB, 400×518, __Poke_Girl_Now___by_GookanGohan.jpg)
forgot a picture
No. 3242    
Everyone in Russia likes bydlo-parties. It's like a national sport.
No. 3245    
>leather jackets and berets
Gopnik? Present him a bucket of sunflower seeds.
132621505080.gif-(11.90KB, 456×885, Nevermind_the_Cowboys__Here_s_the_Real_Russians[1].gif)
No. 3139 hide watch expand Quick Reply       [Reply]
Hey, you merry Russians! Could someone translate this piece of song? Does it even mean anything? I know it's supposed to be in Russian, but...
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 3143    
Это вообще не язык. Просто звукоподражание русской речи.
No. 3144    
132647761224.png-(128.23KB, 400×300, katawa.png)
Ой-вей, весёлые ребята. Думаю, для незнающего даже похоже на русский.
No. 3146    
Nevermind the bears, here's the Real English.
No. 3148    
>Nevermind the bears
You make me cry
No. 3152    
aber aber :3
No. 3154    
So it's not any of Finnic-Ugric languages…
No. 3237    
Sounds like bulgarian a little, for me.
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