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129605718010.jpg-(24.52KB, 362×303, risti.jpg)
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Good day to you my friends.

Here's the story. I found a memorycard on a parkinglot of a seaport. It seems to contain holidaypictures of a russian family. I would like to find out who they are and return their files to them. Tips on the card are only few and I can't read them. Can someone help me with this one? First tip would be on this picture, since card begins with funeral and could tell a name.
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129698354849.jpg-(20.21KB, 300×228, Снусмумрик.jpg)
No. 2662    
129699424780.jpg-(193.94KB, 545×1183, A-Bad-Day.jpg)
Pardon my ignorance, Finland.
Perkele, indeed.
No. 2688    
Why should anyone hunt you?
There is a TV program which finds lost people. It is called "Wait for me" (Жди меня)

your flag is on my captcha, you should be lucky today :D
No. 2694    

Sorry, there's too much languagebarrier to contact russian media. Well, still wishing that some point this thing would take a little wind under it wings and I could get somekind of contact to them.

So keep the dream running keep it alive.
No. 2975    
131373994166.jpg-(40.96KB, 500×304, b5059048eca4.jpg)
Hello, OP (if you are still browsing this board). The man, whose tomb is on the photo attached to your first post was a WWII veteran from Leningrad region, so you can contact some Ministry of Defence guys and learn his whereabouts from them. Also, looks like in 1998 he lived in Luga - a small town in Leningrad region, and there is his adress - проспект Комсомола 38, кв. 22, and phone 25671. You can look for the dialing code on Wikipedia. Also, your desire to help these people reminds me heavily of Amelie Poulain's, thanks for it!
No. 4356    
No. 4357    
Where are those 3 years? This is sad.
138916718758.jpg-(54.48KB, 604×405, EZ_RgmcqJyI.jpg)
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Your /int is dead
No. 4339    
No. This is you just desperate.
No. 4340    
410chan.org is kinda slow.
And as far as I am aware, Mod-chan has banned a lot of foreign IP addresses. Dunno if that is the case for this board though. And I don't know for sure if Sauce-kun has banned a lot of foreigners as well.

What chan are you from, anyways? I'm asking because I kinda (rarely) visit ylilauta and northpole.
138653868377.jpg-(407.02KB, 1000×858, 1386377659243.jpg)
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No. 4322    
138722142013.jpg-(675.32KB, 1366×768, 49_images_rpa_000066.jpg)
Why not?
No. 4323    
>tfw no gf
No. 4324    
No. 4327    
138843285299.jpg-(8.00KB, 236×250, 1311413926818.jpg)
Sieg Heil!
No. 4328    
Da fuk is this tred about?
No. 4329    
Happy New Year world and Sauce-kun!
138450785880.jpg-(630.95KB, 897×762, 126410137181[1].jpg)
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Hey, USA! Do you have enough attractions in stock?
No. 4299    
This reminds me of North Korean concentration camps listed as amusement parks or someting.
No. 4300    
>you will never be afraid of a nuclear war

Где-то в /wm/ встречал kmz с радиусами действия ПРО РФ. Не найти теперь.

Однажды был на затопленных шахтах МБР Р-9А под Омском. Такой масштаб!
No. 4301    
Well, OPpic is just museum.
No. 4318    

Пики есть где нить? интересно было бы посмотреть.
No. 4321    
138695658932.jpg-(12.66KB, 152×206, Q1nKTNqD1cw.jpg)
Вот тебе пики, свинья госдеповская!
138660656315.png-(166.24KB, 260×366, 2013-11-18-105130_260x366_scrot.png)
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Котаны, а че у вас тут происходит?
No. 4313    
No. 4315    
Source request happening here.
No. 4316    
No. 4317    
138682794665.png-(608.66KB, 796×579, 2013-11-18-114601_796x579_scrot.png)

Best comedy of the season.
No. 4319    
138685172138.png-(59.18KB, 310×76, pzkpfwiii.png)
> Noukome
>17-летний Канадэ Амакуса знает, что болен на всю голову, ибо неведомые силы постоянно ставят его перед выбором один хуже другого: например, прилюдно захрюкать свиньей или пойти убиться об стену. Отказ или промедление влекут нестерпимую боль, так что парень давно сдался.
Story of my life.
No. 4320    
>Как-то раз парню представилась возможность выбрать между тем, как 1. красивая девушка упадет прямо на него или 2. он упадет с крыши в женскую одежде
Life of my story. Ebal eyo ruka.
138550541025.png-(93.63KB, 640×360, vlcsnap-2013-11-27-02h34m27s200.png)
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No. 4306    
138566137032.png-(144.09KB, 306×211, seigamiymiy.png)
Surprisingly good.
Seiga Miu Miu
137850440949.jpg-(47.15KB, 443×600, bedrosyan.jpg)
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A big day at soviet school. The teacher: "Children, today you will meet a veteran of the Civil War who witnessed red general Chapaev's heroic death!" So, everybody is very excited, and finally and old guy comes in and starts telling his story:
- Well, kids, there I was, lying on the river bank behind a machine gun, and then General baron Wrangel himself says "Hey, Yesaul, look, Chapaev the red bitch himself swimming over there!" "Oh" - I replied - "Yes, Your Highness, I see the motherfucker". And that was the end of Chapaev.
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No. 4269    
A young man asked his his grandfather Pankrat once: "Gramps, why every female in this village is still swooning over you?"
Musingly licking his eyebrows, old Pankrat answered: "i honestly don't know."
No. 4293    
>German humour
No. 4294    
>live in .ru and still not using proxy/vpn
No. 4295    
Maybe he lives not in .ru and using russian proxy/vpn?
No. 4296    
It's like hitting toes with a hammer every morning, cus fuck you, toes!
No. 4297    
No, German humour is:
- How do you disguise a joyful biker?
- Flies between the teeth.
No. 4304    
USSR. In the school. Teacher speaks:
- Childrens, today to us arrived man which have been see our dear Vasiliy Ivanovich Chapaev before his heroic death!
Grandfather enters and he speaks.
- Well what here to say. Urals shore. I be with the machine gun.
Suddenly Look! I see Chapay swiming into the river!
and then My Lord say “FIRE”!
That's all! This is be single occurrence when i see Chapay!

(little more to original version this very old bearded joke)
138236572460.jpg-(43.32KB, 340×340, folder.jpg)
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I am tired. Ask your question or go to shitroom.
No. 4288    
how to go to the library?
No. 4290    
138328257715.jpg-(36.34KB, 768×576, petuhov.jpg)
To the library? At 2:01 AM?
No. 4291    
Which colour should I use for painting IJA tank's jacks?
13774333578.jpg-(179.10KB, 674×674, c_c__75210383d3d119a545f60778acdf7cc0.jpg)
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I hate russkies and hope they all die in pain.
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No. 4281    
Why would you love?
No. 4282    
Why would you?
No. 4283    
No. 4284    
But I'm not.
No. 4285    
You not what?
No. 4287    
He wot mate.
No. 4289    
And everybody else here as well.
138202377789.jpg-(103.07KB, 800×600, Hiver.jpg)
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how is life in russia, is it dangerous etc
No. 4271    
138202383129.jpg-(98.54KB, 600×444, 8ellvlk.jpg)
Life in Russia is suffering.
No. 4272    
138202383219.jpg-(81.83KB, 800×600, Nénuphars.jpg)
No. 4273    
138202388684.jpg-(69.52KB, 800×600, Coucher de soleil.jpg)

please explain
No. 4274    
Almost everything is shit. Education, medical system, police, economics.
No. 4278    
What do you mean on dangerous?
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